Our Rodding Services Clean Clogs

Eliminate the clogs that impact your home or business with the plumbing services in St. Charles, IL, from Armbrust Plumbing & Heating Solutions. Our company offers complete drain-rodding services for clients located throughout the region. Whether you have an issue with your bathtub, kitchen sink, or sewer, rodding clears the area and enables your water to run again.

How Drain Rodding Works

Do you notice that your pipes and drains are not flowing as smoothly as they used to? If you are dealing with clogged drains or backflow in your showers and toilets, it is time to call in our plumber in Glen Ellyn, IL. Our technicians offer a number of drain solutions that are designed to solve any issue with your systems. During rodding, we use specialized plumbing equipment to clear the clog. Drain rods are stiff pieces of equipment that are inserted into the drain to dislodge whatever is causing the blockage.

When you call our team for assistance, you are guaranteed to receive the leading standard of service throughout every phase of your job. Our technicians arrive with the latest equipment available in the industry. We help clear out everything from roots to grease to let your system run smoothly again.

Sewer Rodding for Your Main Lines

Sometimes, an issue will impact more than just your home or business. Dealing with a clogged sewer can affect locations from the house to the main line. From tree roots to toilet paper, your pipes can become clogged with a number of different things. When a sewer line is blocked, you are forced to deal with a clogged drain and other concerns on your property.

To take care of the issue, it is essential that you call in a professional before it develops into a larger problem. If your home or business is dealing with significant backup, turn to our contractors to provide you with a full sewer rodding. Our company is fully equipped to handle your rodding needs. We cover every part of your sewer system to ensure the issue is solved.

Contact us to request an estimate for our rodding services. We perform drain rodding in residential and commercial locations and services for HVAC in Wheaton and throughout DuPage and Eastern Kane counties, including Villa Park, Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, West Chicago, Geneva, and Carol Stream, Illinois. Turn to our team today to learn more about our service options for your location.